Zoom whitening San AntonioTeeth whitening has become readily available, but all products are not going to be able to deliver satisfactory results. You can spend time and money on pastes, rinses, strips, and generic one size fits all whitening programs, but Zoom whitening may be your best option.

What makes Zoom a better choice?

Zoom teeth whitening has a proven record for optimum results and safety; and since it is dispensed by your cosmetic dentist you are receiving treatment by a trained and licensed dental provider.

Will teeth whitening really make a difference in my appearance?

Dental stain and discoloration can make your smile lackluster and drab. But when teeth are lightened up to eight shades with Zoom, your self-confidence receives a huge boost.

I want to whiten my teeth at home – do I have a choice?

While in-office teeth whitening can be completed in one brief appointment, many patients prefer an at-home option. Zoom teeth whitening is available with customized whitening trays and a product that will allow you to enjoy a bright new smile at your own pace in the privacy of your home.

I can buy a variety of teeth whitening products online or at the store – why should I invest in Zoom when there are so many other choices?

If you experience disappointing results or have a question, concern, or problem with something you purchased at the drug store or online, who is going to address them? A store clerk and/or website are not adequate substitutes for a dental professional.

Are there any side effects with teeth whitening?

Some patients deal with sensitivity, but brushing with a toothpaste designed to curtail sensitivity for a couple of weeks prior to whitening should lessen or eliminate the problem. If sensitivity does occur, it usually subsides at treatment completion or within a day or two.

Will my porcelain dental crowns be impacted with whitening?

Porcelain is naturally stain resistant; but this also means it will not be affected with whitening. Surrounding natural teeth will lighten, but crowns will remain the same.

What foods should I avoid to make my teeth whitening last?

Coffee, tea, red wine, berries, and dark sauces are just a few.

Teeth whitening is a very rewarding cosmetic enhancement. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with our dentist and unveil the improvements you can experience with Zoom!