tooth whitening San AntonioOne of the most common reasons patients consult with a cosmetic dentist is because they are dissatisfied with the color of their teeth. Fortunately, the problem of dingy, stained or yellow teeth can be corrected in as little as an hour, depending on which treatment you choose. To get the most from your tooth whitening treatment, it’s important to understand how teeth become discolored in the first place, how the treatments work and how you can make the most of your results.

Why Your Teeth Get Discolored And How To Fix It

Teeth may become stained or yellow for a number of reasons. Patients who consume dark-colored foods and beverages, such as berries, coffee, tea and red wine, on a regular basis may notice some stains on their teeth over time. Certain medications, such as antibiotics, can leave behind marks on the teeth as well. Even the process of aging causes wear and tear on your enamel and exposes the dentin underneath, causing your teeth to look more yellow as you become older. Smoking also leaves the teeth with a dingy appearance.

Tooth whitening treatments address this problem by applying bleaching agents to the teeth, and those bleaching agents penetrate the tooth’s surface and release the stains underneath. Many stains respond to tooth whitening, although not all of them do. Your cosmetic dentist can advise you of alternative treatments if you do not get the results you want from tooth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Options

Patients have various options for tooth whitening treatments. A cosmetic dentist can provide an in-home treatment that you use for several days at your convenience. This process takes longer to show results, but it can also be highly cost-effective for budget conscious patients. Alternatively, if you need brighter, whiter teeth in a hurry, you can choose an in-office treatment like Zoom! Teeth Whitening, which uses lasers to activate

It can be tempting to choose inexpensive over-the-counter tooth whitening treatments, but keep in mind that the bleaching gels used in those products are much weaker, and their results tend to be less noticeable and consistent. For the best outcomes, consult with a dentist.

Tips To Maximize Your Results

The effects of tooth whitening are temporary, so you will need to see your dentist from time to time for touch-up treatments. To keep your teeth looking as white as possible between those treatments, you should consider cutting back on wine and coffee and cutting out smoking entirely. It’s also important to have good oral hygiene practices to extend the effects of tooth whitening treatments.

If you want to improve your smile’s appearance through tooth whitening and need suggestions on how to make your smile brighter for a longer period of time, call Aesthetic Dental Partners to set up a consultation.