tooth whitening San AntonioYou are contemplating a cosmetic dental procedure to enhance your smile. But your teeth are drab and contain some stain. A tooth whitening program will be a boost to your appearance, but what comes first … whitening or cosmetics?

No matter what type of cosmetic work you are considering, tooth whitening should always come first. You want your cosmetic dentist to be able to match your crown, veneers, or partial to the  tooth shade you intend to maintain on surrounding biological teeth.

Your first visit with your cosmetic dentist should includes a very honest discussion of exactly what you wish to achieve. An oral examination will be performed outlining what is needed; a timeline of how long treatment will take; and a treatment plan that includes your financial obligation. If you are considering teeth whitening at all, now is the time to bring it up. Do not wait until treatment has commenced.

Brightening your smile through tooth whitening is both effective and economical. And your cosmetic dentist can enhance your appearance in one brief appointment using Zoom! in office treatment. Zoom! is a highly recognized name that represents safety with outstanding results. Your dental staff are expertly trained, and you can go from drab to WOW in one session.

For patients wishing to whiten at their own pace in the privacy of their home, you can acquire Zoom! take-home whitening products with trays that have been fabricated to your exact specifications. Your whitening experience will take a little longer to complete so make sure you allow for this time before entering into the next step of treatment.

Whichever whitening plan you wish to use, this phase of treatment should be concluded before entering into the cosmetic phase. Your dentist will be matching your cosmetics to your newly whitened teeth; be aware that porcelain does not respond to whitening treatments. If porcelain work is completed first, your natural teeth will lighten but cosmetically treated teeth will remain the same. This can produce a very unsatisfactory result.

Make sure you convey your wishes to your cosmetic dentist prior to entering into any dental treatment. The use of porcelain for your cosmetic enhancement will provide you with a stain resistant, natural appearance. And with Zoom! touch up kits, you will be able to maintain your bright, new smile.

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