sedation dentistry San AntonioThere are various types of sedation dentistry … the dental procedure you require will dictate what type of sedation you will receive.

For surgical procedures, the patient often undergoes sleep sedation. This involves IV sedation, which means the patient is unconscious during treatment and will recall nothing.

However, there are many patients that suffer from severe anxiety, deal with physical or mental limitations, or are unable to recline comfortably … these patients are able to receive needed dental care through the use of oral sedation.

With oral sedation, the patient is given a sedative to take at home about one hour prior to their appointment time. It is important to note the patient requires transportation both to and from their dental visit.

Upon arrival at the dental office, the patient is given additional medication. Vital signs are monitored regularly, and although the patient remains conscious, they are so relaxed many patients report that they felt as though they slept throughout treatment.

This is a wonderful option for both the patient and dental provider. All aspects of treatment can be completed using oral sedation. The patient is totally relaxed, and the dentist can work without interruption allowing procedures to be completed in a timely manner.

Very often the dentist will try to complete all needed treatment in one visit: cleaning teeth, cavity repair, periodontal treatment, extractions, and dental crowns … the patient is in such a relaxed state they may not even realize they were given an anesthetic to numb a treatment area to control discomfort.

When needed dental work is completed, the patient is kept at the office until they can safely leave. It is advised that the patient go home and rest as they will likely remain groggy for several hours. If needed, additional pain medication may be prescribed.

The dentist that is able to dispense oral sedation has undergone training to do so; the staff and office equipment needed to provide safe delivery for this treatment option are in place as well. The patient’s medical history is reviewed for their safety and comfort prior to getting started.

Patients that have avoided much needed dental care are now able to receive what they need with safe and effective oral sedation. And most patients don’t recall their visit even though they remained conscious – a win-win for both the patient and dentist.

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