sedation dentistry San AntonioSedation dentistry is the answer to a prayer for many patients that suffer from intense fear of going to the dentist. While this may be hard to understand for a majority of people, the anxiety of something as simple as having one’s teeth cleaned is so overwhelming, some patients may go for years without going to the dentist. Sadly this often results in considerable discomfort and lost teeth.

There are different types of sedation dentistry. Sleep sedation is generally used when oral surgery is required such as to remove third molars. But to aid those fearful and anxious patients, there is oral sedation dentistry. The patient’s health history is reviewed to make sure they qualify for sedation dentistry. In addition to health requirements, the patient must have reliable transportation both to and from the dental office.

The dentist administering oral sedation has completed additional schooling to guarantee the patient’s safety. The assisting staff has also been trained and the office has been furnished with the equipment needed for a safe and reliable procedure.

On the day of the appointment, the patient will take a sedative at home about one hour before their meeting time with the dentist. Upon arrival, the patient’s vital signs are monitored as additional sedatives are administered. The patient will remain conscious, but in a relaxed state.

Depending on the procedures scheduled, anesthetic numbing agents may be added. Very often the dentist will try to complete as many procedures as possible in one appointment. Cleaning teeth, correcting dental decay, root planing and scaling … whatever is needed can be done.

It is important to note that sedation dentistry is not just for fearful patients. For those who find it difficult to lay prone for an extended period, or those dealing with mental or physical disabilities that make treatment difficult, sedation dentistry is the ideal solution. Not only is the patient treated in a safe and comfortable atmosphere, but the treating staff are able to complete needed work while the patient is relaxed and not stressed.

Throughout their time in the dental chair, the patient is continually monitored by the thoroughly trained team. At the conclusion of the appointment, the patient is advised to return home to rest while the sedatives wear off. The patient may be groggy for several hours so having someone remain with them is helpful.

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