Crooked teeth are more than just a cosmetic issue. A malocclusion can lead to areas where plaque builds; over time an improper bite can create problems with worn down enamel, dental decay, and the potential for gum disease. Teeth straightening no longer means a mouth full of metal … Invisalign clear aligners can correct your bite while improving your appearance.

Invisalign FAQs 

Invisalign San AntonioWhat are the primary advantages of Invisalign over other teeth straightening methods?

Invisalign aligners are clear – this allows teens and adults of all ages to undergo the teeth straightening process without the obvious brackets and wires used with traditional braces.

The aligners are removable – this means that you can continue to enjoy your favorite foods as you will remove the aligners for snacks and meals. This also gives you the ability to brush and floss your teeth daily without any obstructions.

How does the Invisalign program work?

A consultation with your Invisalign dentist usually involves dental imaging (or dental impressions) coupled with any tools your dentist feels necessary for the Invisalign lab to fabricate your aligners.

A series of aligners are produced using 3-D digital technology. Every two weeks the patient will replace the aligner with the next in the series. Each new aligner will feel snug … over the next two weeks, teeth will shift. This process continues until the correct occlusion is achieved.

How long will it take to straighten my teeth?

The time required to correct your bite will vary based on the severity of your malocclusion.

I wore braces as a child, but my teeth have changed over time – can I benefit from Invisalign?

Absolutely. Your malocclusion may be due to many factors, but having straight teeth is important for good dental health.

Important Step in Your Teeth Straightening Program

Once your malocclusion has been corrected, the final phase of treatment involves wearing the retainer. It’s job is to hold your newly straightened teeth in place while the bones that hold teeth solidify their new position.

Failure to wear the retainer as prescribed could lead to teeth drifting back to their original placement. So protect your investment and your great new smile by following the instructions issued by your Invisalign dentist.

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