implant dentist San AntonioIf you have teeth missing from your upper or lower arch, you must rely almost exclusively on one side of your mouth to do all your chewing. Over time, this can impact the health of those teeth bearing the brunt of chewing. You don’t have to let missing teeth dictate what or how you eat.

Dental implants allow patients to chew, speak clearly, and smile with joy as they are no longer concerned about missing teeth. A consultation with your implant dentist will show you how easy it is to replace teeth lost to trauma, decay, or infection.

Initial Dental Implant Consultation

During this first appointment, your overall health will be discussed followed by a very extensive oral exam. X-rays will be taken to help your dentist determine bone strength. Insufficient bone can be augmented, as needed..

The patient will be educated on what is required for the implant process to be successful … the implant area will need to be cleaned per instructions every day. And tobacco use is discouraged as it is one of the leading causes of implant failure.

Once all requirements have been satisfied, the implant dentist will schedule the appointment to place the implant. Throughout treatment the patient will report for dental exams periodically to make sure the implant process is staying on track.

Advantages of Teeth Replacement with Dental Implants

The implant itself is a very small titanium post. Once the implant has been embedded in gum tissue, there will be a healing period. During this time, jawbone will incorporate the implant that will support the final restoration. This process of bone fusing with the implant is referred to as osseointegration.

Once healed, the restoration will be affixed to an abutment that is attached to the implant. The cosmetic restoration will have been made to match neighboring teeth so perfectly that no one will be able to identify your replacement tooth from your biological teeth.

When you leave your dentist’s office after that final appointment, you will be able to enjoy all your favorite foods (chewing on both sides); speak clearly; and smile with self-confidence without worrying about slippage or movement.

Caring for your implant is the same as you provide for all your teeth … brush and floss daily and visit our team at Aesthetic Dental Partners every six months for cleaning and exam.