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When it comes to replacing lost teeth, dental implants are unlike anything else available to the general public. They can support various structures within the oral health system for optimal wellness. Moreover, dental implants don’t require much difference in caring for them when compared to biological structures and other prosthetics.

Implant Dentistry, An Overview

Implant dentistry is a relatively new practice for replacing lost. What makes dental implants especially unique is the fact that they replace the roots of teeth. Other tooth replacement methods only address the loss of visible tooth structure by replacing the crowns of teeth with restorations like dental bridges and prosthetics like dentures.

A dental implant is able to replace missing tooth structure in the gums and jaw because it is constructed from titanium, which was discovered to be a biocompatible metal in the 1960s. Biocompatibility means that a prosthetic material is far less likely to be rejected by the body as a foreign invader. This means that titanium acts as a biological replacement for the roots of teeth through a process called osseointegration. The process of osseointegration, bone in the jaw fusing to metal components, is what makes implants able to function like the roots of teeth so that other restorations and prosthetics can have long lasting stability and support.

Once a dental implant is embedded into the jawbone and deemed stable by an implant dentist, a patient will receive his or her prosthetic.

Dental Implant Benefits

Since dental implants are literally secured in place by the jawbone, they will not move during oral function like a poorly-fitting bridge or denture might. The biocompatibility of titanium dental implants will also help people retain as much bone mass as possible. Bone atrophy commonly affects people who have lost teeth because without the roots of teeth, our bones are left unstimulated. Dental implants are also considered low maintenance because they are brushed and flossed the same as natural teeth.

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