family dentist San AntonioOral discomfort is generally a great indicator that you may be experiencing a dental problem. But big dental problems often start out with little or no pain. Regular visits to see your family dentist coupled with following the daily hygiene guidelines provides the maximum benefit; but even the most diligent care can result in a dental malady. Knowing the signs could prevent a minor issue from becoming a major traumatic event.

Dental decay – A cavity starts out small, but over time bacteria from what we eat and drink can eat away at the tooth. You may not be able to feel it, but the decay is growing; eventually when the decay has allowed access to the dental nerve, you will know there is a problem. That is why seeing your dental provider every six months is critical to catch problems while they are still small.

Gum disease – You can be experiencing a little problem in one area of your gum tissue that may not be bothersome today; but ignoring some of these symptoms can lead to a lifetime of needed periodontal treatment:

Bleeding gums; red, swollen gum tissue; gum recession; chronic bad breath; loose feeling teeth … all of these issues may not produce pain, but they are indicative of the onset of periodontal disease. Maintaining an excellent daily oral hygiene program of flossing and brushing with a fluoridated tooth paste can go a long way in prevention. Gum disease often gets it start from absent or inadequate daily oral hygiene.

Infection – A cracked tooth or excessive treatment for decay in a tooth can allow bacteria to permeate the tooth and lead to infection. Quite often there are no specific symptoms in the beginning, but once the problem is discovered the usual result is the need for root canal therapy. This is the only step that will save the tooth once it has reached this point.

While the majority of serious dental problems can require lengthy and costly treatment to repair, you may be able to prevent many situations from occurring.

Daily flossing will remove debris from between teeth and at the gum line that your tooth brush may not reach; brush twice daily with a fluoridated tooth paste; and see your family dentist every six months for a thorough cleaning and dental exam. Contact Aesthetic Dental Partners at 210-616-0858 today to schedule your next appointment.