family dentist San AntonioWhen you drink hot and cold beverages do you experience a sharp, aching pain? Do certain foods cause you discomfort?

Living with tooth sensitivity is more than an inconvenience. This common dental condition affects your quality of life as well as your health. Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce your discomfort. Our family dentist—who serves patients of all ages—offers a few different treatments to help strengthen your teeth and reduce your discomfort. Our team strives to help our patients enjoy good oral health and live healthy lives. When treating tooth sensitivity, our family dentist will first identify the underlying cause of sensitive teeth and then develop a treatment plan that is just right for you. Rest assured, that we will do everything we can to improve your health without sacrificing your comfort.

What causes tooth sensitivity?

A few factors contribute to tooth sensitivity. One major contributor is worn down or damaged tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is a mineralized structure that surrounds the outside of teeth above the gum line. Enamel protects the sensitive interior structures of teeth, called dentin, from bacteria and debris. When enamel is damaged or worn down, it can leave the softer structures of teeth more vulnerable to infection, decay, and heightened sensitivity. This is because dentin contains millions of tiny tubules that carry cellular material to the innermost part of a tooth (the root canal). Another cause behind sensitivity is tooth decay or infection. If a cavity has infected the root canal or the nerves of teeth are inflamed, a patient will experience aches and sharp pains from time to time—especially when teeth are exposed to food or drinks that are hot or cold.

How can sensitive teeth be treated?

Depending on the cause of tooth sensitivity, treatment options can vary. Our family dentist may apply a sealant to teeth to close tubules. If tooth enamel is damaged or decay is present, a restoration such as filling or crown may be necessary.

If you are struggling with sensitivity, we recommend that you schedule an examination at our practice. Contact our office today to reserve an appointment.