Tooth loss can occur at any time due to trauma, disease, or infection. If you have experienced tooth loss, your dentist can provide options to replace missing dentition. Dentures are a very popular choice that will enhance your appearance while providing the ability to speak clearly and chew properly.

Caring for Your Dentures 

dentures San AntonioOnce your dentures have been delivered to you, you will undergo a period of adjustment. During this time you may want to eat soft foods. After the initial adjustment period, you will begin to enjoy your favorite foods.

Speaking clearly may take a little practice, but most people acclimate quickly with very little effort.

You won’t care for your dentures in the same way as you take care of your biological teeth. After eating you might want to remove your dentures and rinse with warm water. You will be removing your dentures at night allowing gum tissue a chance to rejuvenate. Always take care when removing – a dropped denture can result in a broken tooth or damaged clasp.

Soak your denture when not in your mouth. There are denture soaks, but these do not take the place of regular cleaning. You should invest in a denture brush and paste. Clean your dentures to keep them free from plaque which can form on your dentures just like it can on your natural teeth.

Never soak your dentures in hot water as this can warp them. Also, never attempt to make an adjustment to a clasp on your own. If something does not feel right, visit your dentist for any needed change.

Never brush your teeth with your dentures in place. Always remove them as regular toothpaste can be abrasive and damage your dentures. Also, it is important to lightly brush your gum tissue with your dentures out to keep your gingiva healthy.

Life with Dentures 

Living with dentures does require a little more work. But if given the proper care, your dentures should provide years of use. Over time, dentures may begin to feel a little loose. If that should occur, it could mean a reline is needed. Your dentist can usually accomplish this in one day.

The materials used in making dentures can provide a beautiful prosthesis that looks great while providing you the ability to smile with self-confidence, speak clearly, and enjoy your favorite foods.

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