dentist San AntonioA myth is a story that is believed by many, but may or may not be true. There are many dental myths; if you question if something is correct, ask your dentist to determine if what you’ve heard is myth or fact. Some of those dental myths include:

When I floss, my gums bleed so I should quit flossing … bleeding gum tissue is indicative of a problem. See your dentist as you might be in the early stages of gum disease.

You need to scrub your teeth to remove dental plaque … actually, brushing your teeth with a soft bristle toothbrush and even pressure is going to be as effective to control plaque while putting less pressure on gum tissue and dental enamel.

My child does not need to see the dentist until they’re ready to start school … your child should have a first dental visit around the age of twelve months. This exam will assure you that your child’s dental progress is on track; even though baby teeth are eventually going to be replaced by permanent teeth, you need to make sure those primary teeth remain healthy.

I’m an adult and my teeth are crooked – I’ve missed my chance for straight teeth … this is not true. There are teeth straightening methods that do not involve metal brackets, bands, and wires. Straight teeth are not only aesthetically more pleasing, but dental health improves with straightened teeth.

I brush twice every day so I do not need to floss … while brushing is advantageous, flossing is needed to remove what your toothbrush missed. When done correctly every day, gum tissue is stimulated leading to a healthier mouth.

I do not have any dental pain, so I don’t need to go the dentist every six months … to make sure you stay pain free, those regular dental visits are important. And not every dental malady is accompanied with discomfort. Dental decay can become very deep before you feel it.

It is normal to lose teeth as you age … while tooth loss may occur, it is not normal to accept it as a natural part of aging. Lost dentition can impact your diet, speech, and your self-confidence. Your dentist has several options to resolve tooth loss no matter your age.

Understand myth versus fact where your dental health is concerned. For more information or to schedule your next visit, contact our team at Aesthetic Dental Partners today.