dentist San AntonioLike other systems in the human body, the oral health system is fascinating. We use our teeth every day and without them, we wouldn’t be able to eat comfortably or speak properly. While your dentist studies teeth for a living, you might be interested to learn more about yours. Here are four, fun teeth facts that might pique your interest in your oral health.

Baby Teeth Begin Developing in the Womb

Did you know your baby teeth begin forming before you’re born? It’s true. The crowns of your baby teeth are housed in your gums when you’re born and begin to erupt between three and six months of age. While you’re using your baby teeth, your adult teeth start forming in the jaw. This is why it’s imperative that children develop good oral health habits at a young age.

No Two Teeth are Exactly the Same

Teeth are like fingerprints and snowflakes. Your teeth are unique to you, too. Their sizes and shapes develop so that they accommodate the size of your mouth and the curve of your jawbones.

No two teeth within your mouth are exactly alike either. Even the molars within your mouth have subtle differences.

Teeth Can Reveal A Lot About You

A dentist can learn a lot about a person from their teeth. Teeth can reveal your dietary habits and provide insight into your overall health. Oral healthcare professionals can tell if you take care of your teeth with proper brushing and flossing. They might also pick up on your stress levels because habitual teeth grinding is noticeable.

Mankind Has Been Performing Oral Hygiene for Centuries

While the way modern human beings perform oral hygiene is best, people have been cleaning their teeth for centuries. Early mankind utilized a variety of tools and compounds to brush their teeth including boar’s hair for rudimentary toothbrushes and crushed eggshells as abrasives for a toothpaste.

These early oral hygiene methods were far from ideal but it illustrates that humans understood the need to clean their teeth.

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