dental implants San AntonioDental implants are placed to provide a solid base for the restoration that will eventually cover them. Missing teeth due to trauma, infection, or decay; teeth that never erupted; or teeth that will be surgically removed to make room for enhanced dentition can have a negative effect on neighboring teeth, which can only be helped by the addition of implants.

There are several ways dental implants have a positive impact on remaining natural teeth:

Prevent shifting: the spaces left following tooth loss allow remaining teeth to shift creating a dental malocclusion preventing the top teeth from aligning properly with the bottom teeth.

Take the pressure off: loss of one or more teeth automatically places the brunt of chewing on either neighboring teeth or teeth on the other side.

Keep bone structure strong: when one or more teeth are lost, the bone that held those teeth in place starts to break down. But a dental implant can help to retain bone and prevent loss.

A dental implant is made from titanium. Scientists discovered this metal has the unique ability to promote bone growth; and is also a great choice to prevent implant rejection. As the bone grows and grafts to the implant, the implant becomes a permanent part of the oral anatomy acting like the roots of the surrounding natural teeth.

This will ultimately provide strength and support for the restoration, and hopefully prevent bone loss from spreading to adjacent teeth.

The restoration fabricated to cover the implant will be made to match neighboring teeth in size, shape, and color making the restoration as natural in appearance as biological teeth.

Once completed, the patient will have normal chewing restored; speaking and word formation will become easy again; and smiling without the fear of embarrassment will be a joy.

Our dentists will make you aware of all the advantages your dental implant will provide. In addition, all the cautionary things will be stressed as well.  Things such as: keeping the implant area clean to prevent infection during the healing period following surgery; discontinuing tobacco use, as smokers are much more likely to experience implant failure; brushing and flossing daily; and maintaining the schedule of follow-up appointments scheduled on your behalf.

Dental health is important to overall health; our dentists can help you to achieve and maintain great dental health. Contact our office today to learn more.