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Missing teeth, no matter where they are located, can impact your ability to chew properly; and over time the bones that held teeth in place will suffer from atrophy leading to shriveled gum tissue that may alter your appearance. Dental implants provide a permanent solution for missing teeth that is as close to your biological teeth as possible.


If you are missing one or more “back teeth” you will likely begin to chew predominantly on the side where teeth are intact. This is a natural response designed to allow you to continue to eat foods that you enjoy. However, you are going to be putting pressure on your “good side” that will allow those teeth to suffer wear and tear putting them in jeopardy for worn enamel and broken teeth as you age.

If you try to chew on the side where one or more teeth are missing, you may find food gets caught more readily. It becomes difficult to keep teeth clean.

Tooth Loss Risks 

Tooth loss is never to be considered a normal part of aging; they served you well during your lifetime. But instead of thinking this is your fate, a discussion with your dental provider about dental implants will show you the importance of replacing missing teeth, and how not restoring lost teeth can impact dental health.

Losing a back tooth may seem irrelevant to you; however many people don’t realize what happens following tooth loss. The bones that held teeth in place begins to deteriorate; this not only can impact your appearance, but this underlying bone loss can lead to the risk of losing adjacent teeth. You may feel you can afford the loss of one tooth, but this can have a domino effect over time resulting in the loss of several more teeth.

Time is not on your side following tooth loss. The space left open can result in teeth shifting which can lead to an assortment of other dental problems.

Dental Implants as a Solution

Following dental implant placement, the titanium post that was embedded in gum tissue is designed to promote bone strength throughout the healing process. After osseointegration is complete, the implant will support the cosmetic restoration acting like the roots of a natural tooth; and the problems associated with tooth loss will be alleviated.

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