dental implants San AntonioSome people are born without certain adult teeth. This congenital abnormality, while rare, can impact your oral function and your self-esteem. Fortunately, dental implants make for great replacement teeth. Dental implants and the restorations that are ultimately anchored to them are the closest prosthetics available to the appearance and function of biological teeth.

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What are dental implants, exactly?

A dental implant is a prosthetic used to replace the missing root systems of teeth. Implants can be used to replace the roots of all types of teeth, including molars.

Made from titanium, an implant is a component that is embedded directly into the jawbone. Implants resemble a screw because they have a graduated end and a ridged texture. Most dental implants are less than ten millimeters in diameter at their widest point.

Why are dental implants becoming so popular?

Dental implants have become incredibly popular because they present benefits that other prosthetics cannot provide. First, dental implants replace the roots of teeth while other prosthetics like bridges and dentures only replace the visible structures of teeth.

Once the bone in the jaw integrates to the implant’s titanium structure, an implant dentist will attach a restoration or prosthetic to fill in empty tooth sockets. These restorations are custom made to match a person’s unique oral anatomy. Those who desire as natural appearance as possible can opt for white dental crowns and bridges to attach to their implants.

Another reason dental implants are popular among oral health professionals and patients alike is the fact that dental implants support vital structures in the oral health system. Implants help keep the bone in the jaw active. This is beneficial because our body can resorb inactive bone. Deterioration of the jaw is a common side effect of tooth loss than can lead to the loss of more teeth and untimely aging.

Patients enjoy the fact that dental implants are easy to care for; they are brushed and flossed the same way that biologic teeth are cleaned. Their fixed placement also makes messy adhesives, like those used to secure full and partial dentures, unnecessary.

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