bridges San AntonioHas your dentist recommended dental bridges as a method to handle tooth loss? Dental bridges are prosthetics that replace the visible structure of teeth so that patients with tooth loss can enjoy the appearance of a complete smile and increased oral function.

If your oral health provider has recommended a dental bridge, you likely have other questions about this treatment option and its benefits. Following are answers to common questions we receive about dental bridges.

What does a dental bridge look like?

A dental bridge looks like the visible portions of biological teeth. It is made from a series of dental crowns, cemented together consecutively, to “bridge” the gap between biological teeth and adjacent empty tooth sockets.

Patients have options for the material(s) used to fabricate their dental bridges. Some materials like porcelain or porcelain fused over metal lend a very natural looking appearance to replacement teeth. All metal restorations are available but are not as commonplace as tooth-colored options.

Why should I consider a dental bridge?

If you have lost one or more (up to four) consecutive teeth, you might want to investigate whether bridges meet your needs. A bridge will fill in the gaps of an incomplete smile with a sturdy replacement that can enhance oral function.

A bridge will help keep existing teeth upright, too. By filling in empty tooth sockets, unsupported teeth won’t drift into empty spaces over time.

Bridges are advantageous when compared to removable prosthetics like dentures. Since bridges are fixed in place by attaching to biological tooth structure on either side, patients will not have to worry about cleaning them outside of their mouths.

The way that bridges are fixed in place also means that patients will not suffer with interruptions in oral function caused by moving prosthetics. Biological teeth will hold a dental bridge in place for years to come.

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