cosmetic dentist San AntonioMany patients are now seeking the latest trends available in cosmetic dentistry. Improvements such as teeth whitening can make a major aesthetic change. But if more treatment is needed to make the change you desire, our cosmetic dentist has many solutions to meet your needs.

Zoom! teeth whitening is possibly the most economical enhancement to be made that provides a major change in appearance. In-office whitening can be completed in one brief visit. Our dental professional will place barriers on the gingiva to protect gum tissue from the strong whitening agents. A laser or curing light will be used to expedite the whitening process.

The patient may enjoy lightening of up to eight shades in one sitting. With Zoom! teeth whitening, the application can be completed in one appointment; however, teeth may continue to lighten for up to two weeks following treatment. Minor side effects include sensitivity that usually terminates at the conclusion of treatment or a day or two later.

Individuals wishing to whiten their teeth at home can acquire similar results, but treatment will take longer. But the control is in the hands of the patient so length of treatment is at their discretion.

Our cosmetic dentists offer many options to repair crooked teeth, missing teeth, misshapen or chipped teeth … there are solutions that can take a couple of weeks or longer term treatment that can deliver your new smile.

Composite Resin

Basically this is a tooth colored material that has many uses. This resin material can cover intrinsic dental stain not treatable with whitening; fill in spaces created with tooth gaps; repair cracks or chips in teeth; treat dental decay.

For many decades, a dental cavity was filled with dental amalgam. This unsightly silver blob is no longer the standard used in repairing dental decay. Much less of the tooth’s structure is removed when the composite material is used allowing the tooth to retain much of its structure helping it to maintain its strength and integrity.


A malocclusion can be repaired with these transparent aligners that will shift teeth to their correct alignment by regularly replacing the aligners to keep teeth moving to their correct placement. With Invisalign aligners, the patient can remove aligners to eat and perform daily oral hygiene.

Our cosmetic dentists have solutions to correct missing teeth, along with many other enhancements to improve your smile. Contact our office at 210-616-0858 and set up your appointment with our caring dental team today.