braces San AntonioAre you an adult yearning for a straighter smile? Perhaps you’ve never worn braces or have received orthodontic treatment in the past. Whatever the case might be, most adults do desire discreet and comfortable treatment. This is because the conspicuous nature of brackets and wires might be distracting in the workplace. Wearing conventional orthodontia might also make a person feel embarrassed by his or her treatment.

Fortunately, there is a solution for subtle teeth straightening that works for an adult’s busy lifestyle. Invisalign is a comfortable system of clear braces. This system can upright crooked and overlapped teeth, close gaps, and space teeth properly without the need for fixed oral appliances like brackets and wires.

What Invisalign Looks Like

From a distance, Invisalign is virtually undetectable when worn. When Invisalign is outside the mouth, it looks like a clear, plastic retainer-like appliance. An aligner is made for a specific person so that Invisalign is tight enough to generate tooth movement.

Sometimes, aligners can look slightly dingy at the end of their two-week wear period. This is because some patients might scrape their aligners in the process of cleaning them on a daily basis. Fortunately, new aligners are worn every two weeks so random scrapes at the end of a treatment phase shouldn’t affect one’s appearance too much. 

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign works like other orthodontic treatment options. Aligners, like brackets and wires in other orthodontic systems, apply consistent force to teeth. This force generates tooth movement. With snug, custom made aligners, patients will wear one set of aligners for two weeks. Once this two-week period is over, a new, tighter set of aligners is exchanged for the older set. Aligners become progressively tighter to continue progressing with treatment goals.

On a daily basis, Invisalign is very easy to care for. Patients will remove their aligners for meals and oral hygiene. This prevents food and oral appliances from obstructing oral function. This treatment option is also considered comfortable since the edges of aligners are not sharp—therefore they cannot cut into or scrape against soft oral tissue.

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