braces San AntonioImagine that you wore braces for years, only to notice that your teeth have moved out of position after your orthodontic treatment has ended. This scenario is common, especially when people do not wear their retainers properly or when wisdom teeth begin to emerge in adulthood. Fortunately, Invisalign might be a great treatment option to restore your orthodontic progress.

Invisalign is a discreet and comfortable alternative to fixed orthodontia like braces. Since this orthodontic system utilizes clear plastic components, patients enjoy an inconspicuous alternative to metal and wire braces. Called “aligners”, Invisalign patients wear customized, retainer-like appliances that apply consistent pressure to teeth to facilitate their movement.

Why do my teeth move after wearing braces?

There are two common culprits behind teeth shifting out of alignment after orthodontic treatment ends. If patients do not wear their retainers exactly as directed by their dentist, their teeth will shift out of alignment. This is because the crowns of teeth move faster than their roots. While your smile looks straight and beautiful after braces, the roots of your teeth have not completely adjusted to their new positions. Not wearing your retainer properly can cause the crowns of teeth to shift back to their previous positions.

Another reason that teeth move after braces is due to the emergence of wisdom teeth. These third sets of molars erupt between the ages of 17 and 25, which means that their arrival will crowd existing teeth. The force from wisdom tooth eruption can shift teeth out of their positions, forcing them to rotate and overlap.

I’m interested in Invisalign, what should I do next?

If Invisalign orthodontic treatment piques your interest, we recommended calling our practice to reserve a consultation with our dentist. At your appointment, we will review your oral health history and perform a thorough examination. If we believe that Invisalign meets your needs, we will help you navigate your treatment options.

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