braces San AntonioInvisalign teeth straightening offers many advantages over traditional braces to correct a dental malocclusion.

A malocclusion results when the top teeth do not properly align with the bottom teeth. The result can be a cross bite, over bite, or under bite. Since the inception of Invisalign, great strides have been made to allow many different situations to be corrected with this mode of orthodontics.

Consuming beverages like tea and coffee is not off limits; however, removing the aligners first is always recommended. But this is one of the wonderful advantages of Invisalign over metal braces.

Invisalign is a process whereby a series of clear, soft aligners are made designed to gently shift teeth to their correct occlusion. The aligners are fabricated using dental impressions, photographs, and dental radiographs taken by your dentist. Utilizing three dimensional digital technology allows the Invisalign technicians to design the aligners to be used in sequence to correct the bite.

The aligners are removable which provides many advantages:

Daily oral care is much easier without the barrier of metal braces. The regimen of brushing and flossing each day can be completed by removing the aligners, and replacing when done.

Eating all the foods you love can continue throughout the teeth straightening process. With metal braces many healthy fresh fruits and vegetables are off limits for fear of bending or breaking one of the wires used in treatment. Many crunchy or chewy foods are eliminated as well.

With Invisalign, the aligners are taken out while eating and snacking. Drinking hot beverages like coffee and tea could have a negative effect on the soft aligners, and since they fit like a mouth guard, coffee and tea could get trapped between the aligner and surface of the tooth leading to dental stains.

With metal braces, wires can break or the bands and brackets themselves can lead to cuts and abrasions to the soft tissues of the mouth. Invisalign aligners are soft with no metal used eliminating this problem.

A thorough cleaning and dental exam is possible every six months with your dentist having access to your teeth without any metal obstacles. However, take note that the periodic visits you make to monitor the progress you are making with teeth straightening are not designed to take the place of visits to complete hygiene twice per year.

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